Diamond 0.3ct/Pt900 Engagement Ring.Mitubaci for marriage rings and engagement rings


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Initial Pendant
Marriage Ring
Luna Pt900 Engage Ring
Luna Pt900 Engage Ring
Luna Pt900 Engage Ring

Luna Pt900 Engage Ring

[Diamond] Luna 0.3ct
[Metals] Pt900
[Price] ¥210,000+TAX

about Diamond

[Grade] We integrate the grade of diamonds into [F/Sl1/3EX-H&C]

Engage Ring Popular Order

Sole 0.5ct Pt900

Luna 0.3ct Pt900

Stella 0.2ct Pt900

Luna 0.3ct K18YG

Stella 0.2ct K18LG

Stella 0.2ct K18PG

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It is much more attractive to make a custom-made marriage ring with your preference by your own sensitivity and pace.
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Re-sizing within a year and gem re-attaching will be corresponded for free.
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Production duration: 3 weeks + delivery time
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