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Privacy Policy
About Handling of Personal Information
mitubaci copes with those things below to thoroughly manage personal information that is collected on mitubaci website. with deep recognition of a necessarity of personal information that is received in trast from customers.
Collection and Use of Personal Information
mitubaci will collect customer's personal information when it needs for a product delivery, an inquiry, and so on.
Personal information will be collected in an appropriate and fair way so that mitubaci announce requirement on website, or ask customers agreements about a collection of personal information and a use purpose. Personal information is not collected in a unfair way which customers do not want.

mitubaci does not deal with customer's information with an use purpose we reveal in advance.
Protection and Management of Personal Information
The customer's personal information mitubaci collects is closely managed by a person in charge within range of necessary use purpose. We make an effort to keep an accuracy of data and not to be happend a lost said information, a break, and a leak.
Thorough Care to Company Entrusted with Operations
mitubaci has a commission company entrusted with operations to manage/run a part of our business to be enriched out service. To do so, an appropriate management is carried out thoroughly not to be happend an unauthorized access and an outflow of customer's personal information.
Release of Personal Information
mitubaci does not release customer's personal information to a third person who is not a business partner, and an affiliated company of our firm except for the legitimate reason. However, in a case we are asked to release the personal information by a law, the court, and the police, we will release personal information without an customer's agreement.
Correction and Suspension of Use of Personal Information
mitubaci corrects, changes, and stop personal information with a confirmation of the person himself/herself when customer offers.
Inquiry counter about personal information
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