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Upon using a mitubaci website
A mitubaci website,”,” is managed by Fujimori Co. Ltd., or a debenture issuing corporation. You may read the terms of use thoroughly before using this website. We consider you will be agreed with a user policy when you start using it. In addition, you may check the newest policy sometime because mitubaci will change our website without any notice.
About the link
When you use our website link, contact us ( with your name, address, phone number, e-mail, and the URL our website link will be shown before link it. In case the link you send have some contents that will be a negative image of mitubaci, we will object about it. Upon setting this website on your link, write that this is a link of a mitubaci website clearly. Also, we will consider you agree with this user policy. The link will be restricted “”.
About trademark, copyright, other rights
All trademarks on this website is owned by mitubaci, or used on other license and property rights. The contents of mitubaci pages are protected by international copyright law, and may not be reproduced in any medium without the permission of the copyright holders. Moreover, all rights showing on this website belong to mitubaci, and it is used basis on license. Therefore, it is prohibited to reproduce, copy, change, distribute, and use coverage of this website except for personal and non-profit reason.
All products, price of our service, product specification, selling time, etc are maybe changed without any notifications. Also, we maybe stop running website and change contents/URL of website without advance notice.

We are entirely not responsible for any problems that happen in this website access/use, and any loss by changing website contents/URL or by stopping running this website.

Please be careful about dealing with information. Even there is a link of our website, we do not insure the contents by a third-party website with no mitubaci management under. Furthermore, we do not have any responsibilities for all problems by those uses. No matter if it is a goodwill or an illwill, those website are possibly take your information independently.

Moreover, it is not our responsiblity if the software and hardware have a problem, or are broken in use.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction
"This Agreement and website shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan [without referring to the choice of law rules]. Also, Entire disputes about this website shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the court of first instance at Tokyo District Court."

Stick with MITUBACI quality
Wherever, Whenever, Mitubaci are here for you to make your special one.
It is much more attractive to make a custom-made marriage ring with your preference by your own sensitivity and pace.
After Service
We will correspond for a long time.
Products will be bundled with a warranty.
Free Re-sizing
Re-sizing within a year and gem re-attaching will be corresponded for free.
Please pay by PAYPAL
Production duration: 3 weeks + delivery time
Free delivery to all over the world.